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Wonder Woman
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DC Universe


Golden Lasso of Truth




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Wonder Woman is an upcoming minifigure for the DC Universe theme. She will come with her Golden Lasso of Truth.


Wonder Woman has a hairpiece, which shows her signature tiara and sleek, Black hair. a double-sided head: One side showing a happy expression, the other showing an angry expression, a torso which shows a sleeveless costume and printing on her legs which shows blue, starred tights and boots coloured white and red.


Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, is the warrior princess of the Amazonianss (based on the amazons from Greek Mythology). She is the daughter of the Greek God of War, Ares, and the Queen of the Amazonians, Queen Hippolyta.

She is one of DC Comic's "trinity" along with Superman and Batman, and the only one of the three who's arch-nemesis (the Cheetah) hasn't been confirmed for any LEGO sets.


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Wonder Woman

Watch the skies where LEGO Wonder Woman is protecting the planet with her amazing super-powered abilities! Born on Paradise Island, Wonder Woman keeps criminals in check with her super strength, sublight speed and a magic lasso of truth that makes criminals confess! When she teams up with Superman, they become a powerful pair that no villain wants to cross!