My thoughts on the DC first wave of sets

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What can I say about this apart from this is the only set that I will actually get because it is in my price range of £1-£20 and it comes with Batman and Catwoman, two great minifigures and its cheap.

A good set great minifigures but I wont get it because it costs far too much and I prefer the old batcave 7783 The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion.

I might actually get this set its decently priced and has great minifigures.

A great set just like the rest, I love the new black batman minifigure in it. It is another one of the sets that I wont get.

I love the new Two-Face that comes in this set, I think that its an improvement since the old minifigure, I also like the batmoble in the set. Another set I wont get.

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