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Robin is a minifigure for the DC Universe theme.

Description Edit

2012 Variant: Robin has a black hairpiece. His tuxedo mask is black and has ovular shapes around the eyes, with a spike-like shape which sprouts upward. Robin's head is double-sided. His primary side features a more serious face with his mouth in a frown. The other side is wide open with his top teeth showing to depict him screaming. Robin's torso has a black circle behind the R insignia and his yellow utility belt features four square packets. Robin's cape is black and of the same pointed variety as Batman's. Robin's arms are red, his hands are black. His legs are red with black hips.

2013 Variant:

Robin now has a black hood which replaces his hair. He still retains the same head and same body, but his legs are are now all black. He now has a short black cape which replaces the long Batman like cape. In terms of weaponary, Robin now uses a staff and which replaces the grapple gun. This Robin is similar to the Robin that appears in the video game Batman: Arkham City

Background Edit

ROBIN THE BOY WONDER has been an important part of Batman's team for many years and even The Dark Knight can depend on Robin to come through in tough battles. Robin uses many of the same weapons Batman does, like grappling guns and batarangs, but in times of need, the 'R'symbal on his uniform can also detach and be used as a razor-sharp projectile. As a multi-talented expert acrobat and trained by Batman himself, Robin is a strong presence on the street of Gotham City.

CITY: Gotham City

POWERS: Seasoned acrobat, Expert in hand to hand combat


Apearances Edit

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This fantastic, plastic sidekick to LEGO Batman is always ready for action! A teenage vigilante, Robin fights crime on the streets of Gotham City with martial arts and high tech gadgets. He’s always by Batman's side to kick some bricks and put the bad guys behind bars!

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