Poison Ivy
Posion ivy


DC Universe


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6860 The Batcave

Poison Ivy is a minifigure for the DC Universe theme.

Background Edit

Pamela Lillian Isley was a young botanist poisoned by her professor as an experiment. She survived and while getting an immunity to toxins, Isley goes insane and becomes Poison Ivy, an eco-terrorist out to save the environment in a deranged way. Unlike most Batman rogues, Ivy revolves her crimes around her obsession with plants and a twisted way of saving the environment. In addition to her knowledge of plants and toxic immunity, Ivy is known to also be able to manipulate plants with her mind. she can kill an individual instantly with a poisoness kiss. she can also exude a toxic pheremone that hypnotizes weak minded henchmen and guards into doing her bidding. Bane is a chief ally of hers in several of her schemes.

Description Edit

Poison Ivy has red hair with leaves printed on it. Her head features a sly and cunning grin. Her torso depicts a sash and a bodysuit made entirely out of leaves. Her torso also has zigzag lines on it. Her back features a continuation of the same pattern. Her legs also have a continuation of the bodysuit. Poison Ivy's entire costume is bright green and lime green.

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Poison Ivy

In a freak accident at the nature lab, Poison Ivy was transformed from a quiet botanist to a crazed, plant-loving villain. She terrorizes the town with toxic concoctions and her poisonous kiss in her quest to make Gotham City a haven for her evil weeds.

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