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About Lego Super Heroes

Super Heroes is a licenced LEGO theme introduced in 2012. It will feature at least 17 new minifigures from the DC Universe in January and another 13 (or more) for sets based on the Marvel universe in May. There will also be Ultrabuild sets released, which are figure-like sets similar to the building system used for Hero Factory and Ben 10: Alien Force. The Marvel collection will focus on The Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man. The esimated value of the complete DC collection is $250.00, according to the official website. There will be five DC Universe sets in January, and five Marvel sets in May. A video game will be released in June 2012.

This Wiki was founded by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi in 2011. The Wiki's main focus is to create all possible content of the new Lego Theme, Super Heroes. The Wiki's mode allows anyone--even you, to create pages, post blogs, and more. That is if you login. Login or create an account so you can keep track of your edits and help the Wiki build content.

Did You Know...
  • ...That The Riddler was redesigned from the LEGO Theme, Batman in 2006-8?
  • ...That this is the first ever theme to have any Marvel characters except for Spiderman?
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Featured Article for the Month of December

Catwoman is an upcoming minifigure for the DC Universe theme.


Having had a very difficult childhood, Selina Kyle learned various thievery skills and used them to become a slick burglar known as Catwoman. In her public life, she is a wealthy socialite living off the loot she has stolen. As Catwoman, Selina seeks thrills in stealing various artefacts and treasures and taking her ill-gotten spoils to her socialite life.She is a skilled gymnast and martial artist, and wields gloved claws as well as a whip. Catwoman is not directly against Batman as she sometimes allies with him in his crime fighting. (more...)

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