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Iron Man






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Iron Man is a minifigure for the Marvel theme.

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Iron Man, like knights of old, is identified by the armor he wears. He has changed his look frequently since his debut in 1963. The man who wears the suits (and designs them) is wealthy inventor Tony Stark. Not only does Tony Stark have no super powers of his own, but the armor that gives him strength was also created to keep his damaged heart beating; he could not survive without his iron suit. Eventually his cardiac condition was corrected by a heart transplant, and an accident that left him paralyzed was repaired with a microchip. So even without his high-tech costume Tony Stark is a mixture of man and machine. Stark got his income from a specific source: he manufactured and sold weapons. This was a slightly sinister occupation, despite its undoubted utility, and there were hints that Stark was ambivalent about his role. Tony Stark has a very up him self personality.

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