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Commissioner James W. Gordon is a DC Universe minifigure set for release in 2013. He will appear like he does in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.


Gordon has short brown hair like he does in The Dark Knight Rises. He has square rimmed glasses, a brown moustache and facial lines, mainly under his eyes, his cheeks and on his forehead. He has a flip face like most minifigures of this theme. One side is normal and the other with an angry and determined look. His torso is dark blue and majority of it is covered in a dark grey, bulletproof vest with the word SWAT on it. His arms are dark blue, his hands are flesh, and his legs are black.

In the Video Game, Gordon has a regular grey hairpiece, square glasses, a grey moustache, a brown suit and black legs.


James W. Gordon is the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and one of the few honest officers in the city. Early in Batman's crime fighting career, Gordon formed an alliance with the hero and the district attorney Harvery Dent to eradicate crime in Gotham. However, during a trial, Dent was scarred by Sal "Boss" Maroni and half of his face was hideously scarred. Dent went insane turned into a villain himself, taking the name Two-Face. Though Dent's transformation shook Gordon and Batman, they continued their alliance. Even though he doesn't exactly approve of Batman's vigilante methods, he appreciates the results and protects him from other police officers who don't trust him.

Gordon also has an adopted daughter Barbara who was inspired by her father's heroism to join the GCPD, but was turned down, which led to her career as the first Batgirl.


In The Dark Knight RisesEdit

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gordon has lied in order help the cover up the fact that Harvey Dent had murdered five people, which Batman took the blame for. He has decided to resign as Commissioner, but decided against saying so. As Bane is rising and Batman returns, Gordon enters the sewers accidentally, gets injured and is brought to Bane. Bane takes the speech Gordon had prepared before Gordon jumped into the sewage pump. He sits in the hospital operating through Batman and John Blake. Bane defeats Batman, isolates him in a prison called 'The Pit' and takes complete control of Gotham. He reveals that Dent killed people and John Blake is disgusted at Gordon, but he still works with him in a desperate bid to save Gotham.

When Batman returns to Gotham from The Pit, Gordon helps Batman overthrow Bane and Talia al Ghul by placing a distorter on the Nuclear bomb. Batman reveals his identity to Gordon, shortly before he seemingly sacrifices himself by taking the bomb, attaching it to 'The Bat' and flying out of Gotham before it detonates. Gordon stays as police Commissioner afterward.