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6860 The Batcave

Bane is a minifigure for the DC Universe theme.

Description Edit

He has a mask, and muscular torso printing which includes, suspenders. His legs are black and unprinted. However, he does not have black gloves, for he uses his bare hands. He has back printing on both his head and back depicticting his Venom tank, suspenders, and a single green tube running from his tank to the top of his head. He is exclusive to the Batcave, set 6860.

Background Edit

Born and raised in a brutal prison environment, Bane's already-impressive physical condition was enhanced by the experimental Venom drug; however, it was also extremely addictive, and he must have had a constant supply or risk serious side effects. The Venom, particularly in overdose, granted him incredible strength, healing and resistance to damage, to the point of rendering him bulletproof. Targeting the pipes he wore to administer the drug was therefore the surest way to defeat him. He was best-known for breaking Batman's back.

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With world-class fighting skills and powerful-minifigure strength, LEGO Bane is one of the baddest villains ever built! He’s often by the side of LEGO Poison Ivy, using his massive muscles for battling LEGO Batman and creating crime-filled chaos all over Gotham City. His powerful secret weapon, Venom, makes him an extra tough enemy of the LEGO Super Heroes!

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